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This is how it works

Place an order and purchase one of the reports below. With the exception of the “Missing – Locate Person” report the turn-around is within 48 office hours, Monday – Friday 8 A.M. – 4 P.M. EST. After purchasing a report you will receive an email with a form. Please complete the form to the best of your ability. There are fields that are required – even if they are approximate – for example “Age”. We will need at least a proximate age and a city that the person lived in at sometime in their life┬áto locate the right person. Make sure we have a phone number and email for you in case we have questions.

Time frame to complete a “Missing – Locate Person” report varies greatly depending on how old the information is you provide. Try to include past schools, colleges, degrees, professions and skills. In most cases we can locate a missing person is a few days however it can take up to a week.


” If you have a restraining order against you by the person you are trying to locate using this service is in violation of the order. If it’s discovered during this search we will turn it over to the local authorities”

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